Can A Criminal Matter Affect Your Civil Case?


In most cases, the legal system sets civil and criminal matters apart. Civil law deals primarily with monetary losses and issues, while criminal law is all about punishments that can include incarceration. There are many ways that civil and criminal matters will never interfere with each other. In certain matters, however, these two worlds do collide. Read on to find out how a criminal matter could affect your civil case.

4 December 2019

Top Ways To Prove Your Auto Accident Case


Being involved in a car collision is never ideal. It can wreak havoc on your day and cause you a great deal of stress. However, it's possible you can regain any financial losses by taking necessary legal action. Doing so will allow you to show that you're not at fault for the accident. It's ideal to know the best ways to prove your case if you do decide on this course of action.

8 October 2019

Seeking Legal Counsel For Family That Can't: How To Proceed


Car accidents are not just about victims that can or will eventually walk away. They are also about the victims that are fatally wounded, and the victims that remain unable to speak for themselves. These victims need family to speak up for them because no one else will. If you have a family member that was recently in a car accident and now that family member is either deceased or cannot ask for a lawyer's help, you can step in and help.

24 July 2019

2 Important Things To Know About Worker's Compensation


No matter your line of work, chances are there is always a risk of a workplace injury at some point. Thankfully, most all businesses are required by law to carry Workman's Compensation insurance for employees. If you are hurt while doing your work duties, you will receive benefits from your employer's insurance. The following are some things you need to know about Worker's Compensation: How Much Money Will You Get?

29 December 2018

The Aftermath Of A Truck Accident: What You Can Expect From Your Lawyer


Were you recently in a truck accident? You may have been operating a vehicle on the road when another vehicle suddenly slammed into you. Depending on the type of injuries you sustained, you may not remember much after the accident occurred. Many people experience feelings of pure shock and panic in the aftermath of the accident that can make it even more difficult to figure out what happened. Although you may not know the exact details of the accident simply because you cannot remember them, it is still important to hire a truck accident lawyer, like one from Snyder & Wenner, P.

12 October 2016

Police Officer Caused Your Car Accident? 4 Things You Need to Do


If a police car is not rushing to a crime scene or an accident and an officer hit your car, the incident is treated much like any other car accident. However, there are some things that are different. Keep reading just in case you are in an accident like this. Get the Right Information Immediately following the accident, ask the officer their name and badge number, and then write this information down or put it into your smartphone.

29 July 2016

Four Ways to Prepare for a Win in Court


Having to deal with a lawsuit is something that nobody ever wants to face. However, it happens sometimes, even when the people being sued aren't at fault in any way. After a car wreck, you may be sued for damages and need to get an accident lawyer even if you know the crash was not your fault. The court is designed to help reveal the truth by requiring evidence and allowing multiple people to oversee the fairness of the case.

22 July 2016